Active Explosion Protection

An explosion is a serious risk at many manufacturing, processing and metalworking plants, and it can even stem from a dust collection system that’s protected incorrectly.

If it’s not feasible to duct an explosion to the outside through a wall or ceiling in your dust collection application, you’ll need an explosion suppression or explosion isolation system.

Active explosion suppression solutions can be categorised as:

Explosion Supression: Designed to react within milliseconds of detecting an explosion, an explosion suppression system can be installed in either inlet and/or outlet ducting. Typical components include explosion pressure detector(s), flame detector and a control panel. This system creates a chemical barrier that suppresses the explosion within the ducting and reduces the propagation of flame.

Explosion Isolation: Whereas chemical explosion is used to detect and suppress explosions within the ducting, chemical suppression protects the dust collector itself. It is often used, together with isolation, when it is not possible to safely vent an explosion or where the dust is harmful or toxic. The system detects an explosion hazard within milliseconds and releases a chemical agent to extinguish the flame before an explosion can occur.

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