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Explosion Vents

An explosion vent or rupture panel is a safety device to protect equipment or buildings against excessive internal, explosion-incurred pressures, by means of pressure relief. An explosion vent will relieve pressure from the instant its opening (or activation) pressure pstat has been exceeded.

Several explosion vent panels can be installed on the same process vessel to be protected. Explosion vents are available in the versions self-destructive, non-self-re-closing and re-usable, self-re-closing.

During normal venting, the explosion is freely discharged, allowing flames to exit the process being protected. When the protected vessel or pipe is located indoors, ducts are generally used to safely convey the explosion outside the building. However, ductwork has disadvantages and may result in decreased venting efficiency. Flameless venting, in combination with explosion vents, can extinguish the flame from the vented explosion without the use of expensive ducting, limitations to equipment location, or more costly explosion protection.

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