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Flexible Connection

Flexible Connections absorb the continuing movement experienced in piping systems because of varying ambient temperatures, differences in temperature of materials being handled, and differences in composition. The danger of buckling or pulling apart and resulting maintenance costs are eliminated.

They are proven to reduce objectionable noise and vibration in piping systems connected to pumps, compressors, and similar pulsating equipment. The transmission of noise and vibration tends to reduce the efficiency of adjacent equipment as well as impairing the working conditions in offices and factories.

Flexible Connectors compensate for lateral, torsional, and angular movements due to settlement, load stresses, and wearing of parts that frequently cause piping and mechanical equipment to move out of normal alignment.


  • FDA and ATEX certified.
  • Specializes in Custom made production.
  • Anti-static flexible connections.


  • To provide piping systems with the flexibility needed to absorb noise and vibration, compensate for thermal growth, or permit motion of other piping elements.
  • To provide a safe, long lasting and cost-effective means of making a piping connection.

Application areas:

1. Used on the inlets and outlets of fans, air handlers and pollution control equipment in many industrial facilities including: Petrochemical plants, Lime and cement plants, Paper mills, Manufacturing plants.

2. Used in pollution control duct and stacks.

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